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Chinese Type 56 SKS

Chinses Type 56 SKS

This is my one military surplus rifle that I have "sporterized." This Type 56 Chinese SKS is a Norinco export model. The original stock was cracked and was really short. I replaced it with a longer Choate synthetic stock that fits me much better. The 10 round fixed magazine has been replaced with a 20 round magazine. I installed a milled trigger group, muzzle brake and a ventilated hand guard. It's fun and cheap to shoot!



During the early 1950s, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Peoples' Republic of China shared one of their few periods of cooperation. So much so that the Soviet Union agreed to share certain technology with China, including construction instruction methods and right to construct the SKS rifle. As a result, in 1956, the Soviet Union sent technicians, parts and equipment to China to get the armory rolling for Chinese-made SKS rifles.


Cartridge: 7.62 x 39 mm
Method of operation: Gas
Method of locking: Tilting block
Method of fire: Self loading
Method of feed: 20-round fixed magazine
Weight, unloaded: 9 lbs.
Length: 42 inches
Barrel: 20.5 in (521mm)
Rifling: 4 grooves, RH twist
Sights: Front - post; Rear - tangent notch
Muzzle Velocity: 2,410 ft/sec
Max. Effective Range: 433 yds

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