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Swiss Schmidt-Rubin K31

Swiss K31 Carbine

My Swiss K31 is one of my most accurate rifles. Equaled only by my M1 Garand. It regularly shoots under 1.5 inch groups at 100 yards. The fit and finish is incredible for a rifle that is over 50 years old. The serial number indicates it was manufactured in 1952.


K31 ID tag
My K31 had an identification tag under the butt plate, placed there by the soldier who the rifle was issued to.
This rifle was issued to Kurt Vanza, born in 1933. His address at the time he served was: Kasimir Pfyffer-Strasse 12, Luzern, Switzerland



The Swiss, Schmidt-Rubin K31 was adopted in 1933 and stayed in service until 1958. Based on a long lineage of straight pull bolt action rifles, beginning with the Schmidt-Rubin Model 1889. Rubin designed the bullet that was combined with Schmidt's straight pull bolt rifle.

A very accurate, detachable magazine fed rifle with a very unique straight pull bolt that allowed the soldier to quickly chamber rounds by pulling straight back on the bolt and then slamming it forward. Very revolutionary engineering in a battle rifle for the late 1800's. Because of this feature the soldier did not have to raise up (exposing themselves to enemy fire) and chamber a round, like a standard turn-bolt rifle.


Caliber 7.5 X 55mm
Barrel Length: 25.65 inches
Rifling: 4-groove, RH twist, concentric rifling, 1 in 10.63
Overall Length: 43.6 inches
Weight: 8.85lbs empty
Action: Straight Pull Bolt
Ammunition: 7.5 Swiss (GP11)
Magazine: 6 round staggered-column detachable box
Sights: Tangent-leaf sight graduated to 1500m

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